Tuesday, October 8, 2019

And here they are!

The pilot models of the 5 new kits from Yarmouth Model Works to be released this October at the Chicagoland RPM.
YMW #121.1- N&W B-5 with raised panel roof. $65.00, includes the Buckeye Cushion trucks
YMW #121.2- N&W B-5 with interior carline roof. $65.00 includes the Buckeye Cushion trucks
YMW #122 - Rock Island ACF postwar 40' boxcar $60.00
YMW #123 - Reading ACF postwar 40' boxcar. $60.00
YMW #107.1 - Northern Pacific modified '37 AAR 40' boxcar. $60.00
All kits feature all the things you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works.
Etched details and running boards, proper trucks included, custom decals, one piece bodies, etc.

The kits will be available on the website right after the RPM

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

And the other new kit for the fall

For all you Northern Pacific fans
How about a resin kit of the modified '37 AAR 40' boxcar?

Starting in 1957 and going through to 1965 the Northern Pacific rebuilt all of their 40’ ’37 AAR design boxcars by adding a solid side sill made from a length of C channel.
The as rebuilt paint scheme used the 60” monad, and some of these cars were repainted BN and lasted well into the 1970s.

The kit will feature all the usual things in a Yarmouth Model Works kit, one piece body, etchings, custom decals, etc.

The kit will be released at the Chicagoland RPM this October

Friday, August 16, 2019

For Aaron

Cause he's bored at work and needs inspiration.

The evolution of a small dry ditch.
Perfecting my static grass technique
Details to come

Friday, August 9, 2019

New kits for the fall of 2019

Here's a few of the HO scale scale resin kits we're working on here at Yarmouth Model Works.
We're projecting a release of these kits at the Chicagoland RPM in Oct.

First up.
What I expect to be the last in our series of postwar ACF built cars.

Reading 107500-108499, 1000 cars built in 2 lots. 12 panel welded sides with ACF roof and ACF corrugated end.

Rock Island 23000-23999, 1000 cars. 12 panel welded sides, 6' door, Carbuilder end and ACF roof

And then there's these cars, which we're very excited about.
The N&W B-5 boxcars
Love those massive side sills
These cars were built in 2 lots, 48000 – 48999 has the square panel peaked roof, while the 49500 – 49999 has the rounded roof with recessed end panel and internal car lines.
We will be offering both versions. We will be including Buckeye Cushion trucks in these kits.

All these kits will include the quality castings and etched details, etc, that you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works.
Retail price to be determined.
And we'll have a surprise kit for you NP fans.
Back to the kit making!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Getting the ice to the Ice House

On this layout, the town of Clovis has an icing facility, which incorporates an ice deck and an Ice Transfer Plant(as the PFE termed them). Rather than an Ice Manufacturing Plant, where ice is both made and stored for use.
So there was need to be able to move ice from Manufacturing Plants to the Transfer Plants.
This was done by using older reefers which were designated for this specific purpose.
For my layout purposes, I took 3 Red Caboose R-30-9-12 kits, built them and used the Microscale decal set which as the "Ice Service:" statement included.
The colour heralds were pillaged from Speedwitch Media's PFE decal offerings.
I weathered them fairly heavily using oils and some overspray.
I think they look pretty sharp.
Running loads of ice into the Transfer Plant in advance of harvest season will make for a nice variation of traffic.
Now to decide if I want to do 3 more.
And here's the Transfer Plant and Ice deck for your viewing pleasure
4'6" of deck, small by PFE standards

Saturday, July 13, 2019

I consider it a privilege.

I get to do a promo for my pal Ryan Mendell and his new company, National Scale Car.
Ryan, who has done much of the pattern work for Yarmouth Model Works of late, has branched out and created his own model business creating bits and pieces for those of us who like to build accurate freight car models.
I just finished 2 cars for myself using his new "10′ Height 7 panel Superior Doors with Union Duplex Fixtures" parts.

The door set also includes a very nicely rendered etched door track which is fairly simple to install.

Simply shave the lower track off of a IMWX/Red Caboose boxcar kit, create standoffs from styrene and secure to the back of the etching aligned with the etched holes.

Trim the standoffs flush to the track edges and secure to the car side.
Drill through the holes with a #79 and add short bits of wire and clip them flush and you'll have a very secure attachment that suggests rivet heads.
From there you can detail the car to your hearts delight.
In this case I was modeling SP B-50-20 boxcars.
I tossed the factory brake gear and used Tichy parts, and did a full underbody detail, rods, air lines, etc.
The ladders were replaced with YMW ladders and rungs.
An Apex running board from YMW was used as well as the brake step.
Kadee bracket grabs were added
I managed to find some Detail Associates Equipco hand brakes.
The paint is Scalecoat Boxcar Red 2.
Decals from Speedwitch Media.

My fleet of SP '37 AAR design boxcars grows.

Monday, July 8, 2019

And the ends are now connected!

This is Tarpey. Or what will be Tarpey and the home of the Italian Swiss Colony winery.
A rather busy place, which will see large numbers of multi-compartment tank cars coming and going, as California wines get shipped to points east.
As you can see below, it'll be a neat structure to recreate once I get to that task.
But the real big news is, with the track finished in Tarpey.
All the main line is done. In fact all the track work for the layout is done, with the exception of the Pinedale Branch, which can wait while other tasks get completed. Like wiring, turnout controls, testing, etc.
It's been a year and half since I undertook this layout project and I'm impressed with myself as to how quickly I've gotten to this point.
There's some wiring to do, and some decoders to replace(another story for another day), but soon trains will be running.
Happy, happy, joy , joy