Saturday, December 31, 2022

Another year over, so what's up for next year

 It's been quite a year
Started with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Which was taken care of in April, and my gratitude to the spectacular healthcare professionals that took care of me. I just had my 3rd PSA test post surgery and my levels remain "undetectable" which is brilliant.
I contracted Covid at the St Louis RPM. That was a fun 11 hour drive home feeling wretched.
The post infection symptoms linger still, but we persevere.

The results are that many projects have been delayed. Hard to model when you're laid up.
But new things are coming
The Penn Central G47 and the X79 are ready to go, just waiting on decals from Cartograph.We're supposed to see those in January
The pilot models are done, as you can see here

These 4 kits will be on the website as soon as the decals are in hand.

Also on the workbench

Finally, the pilot model for the Soo Line stock car.
A mere 10 years in the making.
Everything for this kit, but a couple of photoetchings, is in hand, castings is proceeding and hopefully by February, kits will be available on the website

The other fun thing being worked on is a trio of rebuilt boxcars.
I have a real soft spot for rebuilt boxcars, and the models I have coming, I hope will appeal to the community as well.
I'm not going to offer further details just yet, need to make a bit more progress.

So Happy New Year to all
Thanks for your support
Happy Modeling

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Ready for my decals, Mr DeMille

 The 2 versions of the X79 pilot models are done.
Just waiting for the test run of decals to arrive and then the full order from Cartograph to arrive.

We're having some supply chain issues with the last parts for the G47 gondolas, but I'm ever hopeful I'll get those soon.
With any luck, both kits will be ready for sale in December

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Well that got your attention

 I'm delighted with the initial support and praise from the community regarding the acquisition of the X79 and G47 models
It bodes well for the future.
The G41 coil car will be considered if sales of the first 2 cars achieve a certain threshold.
This is not an inexpensive undertaking and with inflation and a potential recession I don't have a lot of room for uncertainty.
As far as the rest of the product line, covered hoppers, X58, etc, is concerned, I see no potential for that
The cars have either been offered in RTR or are about to be.
As always none of this happens without ongoing support from the modeling community and I thank you for your support

Monday, August 29, 2022

It's official!

 Yarmouth Model Works has acquired the masters, artwork, and manufacturing rights for the Rail Yard Models X79 boxcar and the G47 gondola.

Work has already begun on recreating the decals and etchings, and new molds have been started
Exact release date is unknown at this time. But we're hoping within a few months
Be sure to tell your friends

Friday, July 15, 2022

Ready for the St Louis RPM

 Here are the 4 new kits that will be available at the St Louis RPM at the end of the month

39100-39199 single deck stock car
single deck, wood r/b, Duryea underframe

single deck stock car
Single deck, Apex r/b, Duryea underframe

36000-36099 Double deck car
Double deck, Wood r/b, Duryea underframe

36100-36199 Double deck stock car
Double deck, wood r/b, AAR underframe
The kits are pressure cast resin with etched, laser cut, 3D printed and plastic detail parts. Decals are custom decals from Black Cat Publishing, and TMW trucks are included
They will be on the website hopefully by the end of the month