Friday, January 1, 2010


Speedwitch Media Kit #K104.1 CNR Fowler

Sunshine Models #49.3

Sunshine Models #34.16

Speedwitch Media conversion kit #105.1

Rail Yard Models Kit #109.9 X58 Boxcar

Rail Yard Models Kit #105.5 G47 Gondola

RailYard Models kit#104.1 Sulfuric Acid Tankcar

Westerfield kit #2153 NYC hopper

Westerfield kit #7003 ACL ventilated boxcar

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Rail Yard Models Sufuric Acid tankcars

Rail Yard Models #104.1 Sulfuric Acid tankcars
Shelf couplers, semi-scale wheelsets, weathered, etc. $125.00 plus mailing costs.

CN 46' gondola

Westerfield #7101 CN 46' gon.
semi-scale wheelsets, scale couplers. $110.00 plus mailing.

Models For Sale

Welcome to my newest webpage.
I've decided that I've had enough of paying Ebay ridiculous listing fees and being forced to use Paypal for payment options. Check back often. You might see something you or a friend might like.