Sunday, April 21, 2019

Finally, no rain today!

Which meant I could get the table saw out and saw up a bunch of lumber.
I ripped up a bunch of pine into 1 1/4" strips to make the support frames for the backdrop down the centre of the peninsula.
As well as cut up 4 sheets of 0.060" styrene into the widths required and got one side of the backdrop installed today.

In the last photo you can see that this time I'm doing something a little different than I've done before.
The backdrop curves to the front edge of the benchwork, framing the scene at what will be Maltermoro and hiding that big curve at the end of the benchwork.
A similar effect will done on the other side as we come into Las Palmas.
The seams will be filled with spot putty and sanded smooth and then painted in the same manner I've described in earlier posts.
I'm super pleased with the results I'm getting with styrene sheet for backdrops. The plastic doesn't move near as much as Masonite might with seasonal changes, and it's very easy to work with.
I strongly recommend the concept.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Yes, I'm still here!

Image result for out of stock

There are many customers out there who are waiting patiently(I hope) for me to fill their orders for kits and etched parts.
Yarmouth Model Works has experienced unprecedented delays in restocking etchings and resin castings from my suppliers these last few months.
No one is more unhappy about this than I, let me assure you.
Nothing irks me more than having someones money and not being able to send them the items they have purchased.
Please bear with me a little longer. I'm expecting a large etching order to arrive in a couple of days, and castings within a couple of weeks.

And once we get all our back orders addressed look for more new cars this coming year.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Bringing up the rear

These two cabooses just emerged from the shop, to take their place on the caboose track, while they await crews and their trains.
Built from kits offered by American Model Builders, these 2 laser cut kits were an absolute delight to put together.
Well engineered laser cut kits area shear joy to work on, everything fits as it should, nice crisp detail. What more could one want?
The finishing of these 2 cabooses presented one minor problem. One that I was frankly rather surprised about. With the huge popularity of the Southern Pacific in the modeling community, I was surprised that no one offers decals specifically for this class of caboose.
Fortunately the solution was rather simple.
I used Speedwitch Media SP boxcar decals. Simple solution.
Weathered the heck out of them with washes and some overspray, and they're ready for service.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Money well spent!

This past January, while attending Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach, FL, I came across a product that I found rather intriguing.
This company, Dimensional Modeling Concepts, was selling this neat looking system for making barbed wire fences.

Knowing that I had more than my fair share of right of way fencing in the offing, I purchased the system, and I can now report, I LOVE IT!
What you get is a bag of posts, a spacer tool and this fancy reel holder thingie, that holds 4 spools of a metallic thread that has a texture in it which suggests barbed wire.
The process is simple.
Plant the poles, every 15' is suggested, and using the spacer tool move down the line using CA to adhere the wire to the poles as you go.
The holder has just the right amount of tension in it to help keep the strands taut enough to work with.
It took me maybe 10 minutes to run 4' of fencing, and that was on the first attempt.
Tomorrow, I'll come back and color the wires a rust tone, they're a little bright right now!

Friday, February 15, 2019

The D&H Oneonta boxcar

The latest kit from Yarmouth Model Works is listed on the website and available for purchase.

Sorry for the delay.

I'd also like to thank everyone who provided me with input regarding flat cast vs one piece bodies.
The vast majority of you are quite happy with the notion of flat cast kits and as a result I'm heavily inclined to take that path with future kits.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

One piece body vs Flat cast resin kits

The huge debate!

In part prompted by some struggles my caster has been having with some of my one piece bodies, I've been ruminating about returning to flat cast resin kits.
A few builders of resin in my circle have zero issue with flat cast bodies, and some even prefer them.
Myself, I have no issues dealing with properly cast flat cast kits. It rarely takes me more than 1/2 an hour to form the box.
Add in the reality that flat casting will help hold down the rising prices of resin freight car kits, and the idea of returning to that method as a lot of merit.
I find myself wondering if sales would be truly impacted by a return to older methods. I know that molds will last longer, and certain details will be able to be better rendered.
So I'm looking for input.
Tell me your thoughts.
It will influence the decision.

Monday, February 4, 2019

3 more for the home team

Just got these 3 kits all finished up and on the layout.

These are Westerfield #12851 kits of Southern Pacific B-50-15 boxcars.
They are reissues of Sunshine Models kits from the #38.xx series.
The kits have been upgraded and improved.
They are now a one piece body casting which greatly simplifies assembly. The kit also includes some etched details from Yarmouth Model Works, (one of my favorite parts suppliers).
I did substitute the cast resin running boards with laser cut wood running boards, I find they look better.
The cars were weathered with my new favorite mediums, AK Interactive weathering washes and streaking mediums.
The only glitch was the decals. And I'd forgotten that there was this issue.
The decals were printed using an ink that is resistant to all known setting solutions, now this wasn't a problem on the sides, as these are steel sided cars, but on the end the decals refusal to conform over the ribs required a little fudging on location to get them to lay flat. I've since talked to Andrew Dahm and he's looking at alternatives.
I'm very pleased with how these cars turned out and would not hesitate to recommend this kit to anyone.

Friday, February 1, 2019

An object lesson in differential movement

My resin caster has been struggling with creating replacement mold for our YMW #105 kit, the ATSF 12 panel boxcar.
As you can see in the photos both of the car sides have bowed outwards and dished somewhat as well.
The caster struggled with trying to true the body up while not altering the pattern, to no avail.
In our discussions he wasn't really describing the issue very well to me, until he actually sent me a photo.
I instantly knew what the problem was.
The actual car sides are resin castings, laminated to styrene backers. Now the pattern held up well for the first couple of years, but it's now been in the hands of 3 different casters in rather climatically different parts of the continent, so I'm not at all surprised.

Styrene and resin have different expansion and contraction rates. And this issue with the pattern is why I strongly discourage resin builders from using a lot of styrene inside their models for bracing, etc. Under the right conditions, glue joints can be broken and new kit results.
So, as you can see, buttresses are being inserted and the car sides should straighten out and we can get the model kit back in production.
I have a few very patient customers with this kit on back order.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

My first Resin Car Works tank car kit

I'm gonna need more of these!

8000 gal wine tank cars!
I have a hard time wrapping my head around that much wine in one location, never mind that I'm looking to have upwards of 18 or more wine tank cars in my fleet to service the 2 winerys that are on the layout.
Resin Car Works offered up this nice resin kit of an insulated single dome tank car, and I've talked to Frank Hodina(owner) about getting 4 more kits of this particular car so that I can model the other 4 SHPX tank cars that were built at the same time as this one.
Frank has worked very hard at making these tank car kits buildable. They are light years ahead of what the older resin tank car kits were like to build.
Looking forward to more Frank!

Can't have a rail yard...

Without funky little sheds and such!
Just finished up getting the roofs dirty on this trio of sheds.
These are laser cut kits from AL&W Lines. A nice little line of SP specific out buildings.
May have to get more of these.

One of the advantages, for me, of modeling this SP branchline, is that I can use a large number of structure kits that are on the market. And as a result I can populate the layout with structures far faster than if I was scratch building everything.
The advent of laser cutting technology has given us some really lovely structure kits that are really fun to put together. Look for more neat structures to come as progress continues.
Lots of packing houses for one thing!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bridging the gap

Using this photo as inspiration,
I decided that simple pile trestle over a dry gulch would be a nice little scenic feature to include.
So I got my hands on a pair of Campbell Scale Models ballasted deck pile trestle kits. Joined them together to make a longer bridge and here's the results.

Once I get scenery going in this area, I think it'll be a nice little scene

Saturday, January 5, 2019

A new kit just in time for Cocoa Beach RPM

Next weekend, at the Prototype Rails RPM, I'll be releasing Yarmouth Model Works newest HO scale resin kit.
The D&H Oneonta built 40' 50 ton steel boxcar.

This car has the unique double weld seam along the panel lines, an attempt by the railroad to weld cars and reduce the oil canning effect, which as you can see didn't work.
The kit features all the things you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works.
3D printed masters, lots of etched details, including the running boards, Tahoe Model Works trucks, custom decals from Speedwitch Media, etc.
The kit will retail for $60.00 USD, and will be available online after the RPM.