Friday, August 3, 2012

Canada Post is STUPID!

So I was in the post office yesterday, mailing off the first batch of kit orders. (Yes, this does mean that I'm actually shipping kits now. Huzza!)
I'm using a standard sized mailing box and wrapping each kit box in brown paper. I took the pile down to the post office and proceeded to process the boxes. The lady measured the package, since now Canada Post has "volumetric" pricing as well as by weight. Anything to get more of our money.
She informed me that the box was too small.
One half of a centimeter too narrow in fact.
Needless to say I was speechless. Gobsmacked as the Brits might say. Stupefied.
Too heavy I see. Too large, I get it. Insured for too much, I understand.
TOO SMALL!? Give me a freaking break.
It's not enough that on top of postal fees we get a "fuel surcharge", and have to pay sales taxes, to be told what size of boxes I have to use is way over the top.
And I know I've received smaller boxes in the past and sent smaller boxes as well.
Solution is shown in the photo. I tape a strip of box cardboard to the side of the box and then wrap with paper and "voila", 9 cms in width.

And a further development on this, late yesterday while I was shipping yet more boxes, I was told that the size restriction only applies to mail to the US. Canada Post is able to deliver "undersized" boxes within our borders, but can't quite figure out how to get them across the 49th parallel.
This in the era of Free Trade and Globalization. Further evidence that government and other public and semi-public agencies are NOT on the side of small business.
I have to go lie down now. :-)


Trevor said...

Bozos indeed. Fuel surcharges - WTF? "I'd like my package shipped - but without fuel. Thanks."

As for the dimensionally challenged, I was going to suggest adding something to the side of the box. Glad to see we think along the same lines.

Congrats on getting those kits out the door!

A R Pollard said...

Too large I can understand, but given the general over all dimensions of the box, too small just takes the biscuit (as we say over here in Blighty).