Monday, May 27, 2013

Air Brushing Resin Kits

There's been a discussion the last few days about how to hold the models when painting on my favorite Yahoo Group, STMFC,(steam era freight cars). I thought I'd take this opportunity to show how I've dealt with the issue.
I built this tool.
It's actually fairly simple to make and works a treat. Wood for the handle and the T-bar, which is slotted using a router bit. You can do this, working slowly, in a drill press. Or clamp the wood in a vice and use an actual router if you have one.
The two legs are made from bent brass to form the 2 angles and a length of brass tube for the leg. Those are simply soldered together. The two angled bits are drilled for machine screws.
As you can see a simply secure the tool to the model using the truck mounting screws in the bolsters. I can now spray all surfaces without having to touch the model.
And a small screw-eye is inserted in the end of the handle so I can hang the whole assembly up while the paint dries.
 With one tool I can adjust it to fit 40', 50' freight cars, passenger cars, and S and O scale cars.
I actually have a number of these. Best homemade tool I ever made.

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Here's a variation on your tool: