Friday, March 21, 2014

More new parts from Yarmouth Model Works

The etching elves have been busy this winter, putting the casting elves to shame. Almost.
And in that department, as of today, I have only 2 back orders for kits that I can not yet fill. I'm waiting for a restock now of decals. Thanks to all who have been waiting for your patience.

How many of your RTR  or plastic kits are missing stirrups because the plastic stirrups have failed due to handling misadventures? Yarmouth Model Works can now help you with that problem.
We have created metal etched stirrups for what we consider to be some of the more popular freight cars out there. While all of these are designed for specific manufacturers and their cars, a little creativity and thought on your part and many other applications can be found.

 YMW-200  Intermountain R-40-23 reefer

 YMW-201 IMWX/Red Caboose/Intermountain 40' steel boxcars

YMW-202 Intermountain Type 27 tankcar

YMW-203 Proto200 Type 21 tankcar

 YMW-204 Red Caboose Type103W tankcar

 YMW-205 Intermountain R-40-10 reefer/Amarillo Railroad Museum ART steel reefers

These are not yet up on the website but will be in a few days, the web gods willing.
We have another 10 or so more stirrups coming in the next few months as well as the steel running boards discussed previously. And other goodies in the offing. Stay tuned!

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