Monday, May 5, 2014

Resurfacing Highway 6

In the great Ontario springtime tradition, I had to repair the road and level crossings where Highway 6 crosses the rights of way in Jarvis.
The problem started with the realization that I had used too thick of a lumber stock for the actual interface where the roadway crosses the railway. I couldn't get the rail cleaner down onto the rails.
So the crossings were ripped out and I used to rebuild as an opportunity to revisit how I painted the roadway.
First attempt with brushing acrylics was an unmitigated failure. As you can see. Won't be doing that again!
For attempt #2 out came the airbrush and a coat of medium grey was applied. Once that had dried I added new prestained lumber pieces for the crossings.
The roadway was then weathered using chalks and Bragdon powders. I may yet revisit the weathering on the road, but for now I have to let it sit and see how I feel in a couple of days.


Trevor said...

Yes - much better!

ontarioinhoscale said...

You must be far more satisfied with the second try.