Saturday, November 1, 2014

Settling a debate

There's a debate on Yahoo STMFC right now concerning the color of the roofs on Swift reefers.
The instructions in the old Sunshine kits is a confusing when you compare notes between the wood sheathed cars and the steel sided cars.
I had the late Richard Hendrickson come to my rescue with a great colour photo.
So you decide.
Great photo. Wish I could remember what year it was taken.
Car #3577 shows a reweigh year of 1951
Car #5428 shows a reweigh year of 1950
This just in, the location is Sioux City, IA.
I should have indicated that the discussion is whether the Swift reefers had Mineral Red or black  roofs. The discussion is aggravated by the colour shifts that can happen in the printing process. This photo is also published in a book where the roofs look far blacker than in the image I show here.
This dialogue has the potential to get as hot as the ongoing debate about what is the correct colour for PRR freight car red. :-)

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Doug Harding said...

PHoto was taken 1954 in Sioux City IA.