Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some new tools

At the instigation of my friend Jon Cagle, the bright light behind Southern Car & Foundry,  I did a little online shopping for a couple of desired tools. He sent me to Rio Grande, a jeweler supply house. A treasure trove of wonderful tools.
First up.
A really good pair of flush cutters.
I've been using Xuron flush cutters for years, and they've all suffered from the same issue. The jaws are not aligned.
Not out by alot on this pair, but enough as to inhibit truly square cuts. And I've seen Xuron sets far worse than this. The Swanstrom pair I bought are perfect!
And they feature a setscrew to keep the jaws from slamming into each other.

The other tool is a pair of round nose pliers with the smallest pins I've seen.

I can now make very small loops in the end of wire for attaching chain and such.
Both of these tools were not cheap, but that's okay. I'm a proponent of paying for quality. The tools in this case were made in the USA and will no doubt outlive me.
Now to manipulate more wire!


Colin 't Hart said...

Aren't the Xuron cutters designed that way?

Thanks for the tip, will check these out! One can never own too many tools :-)

aileron44 said...

This is from the Xuron website;

Q. Why do Micro-Shear® flush cutters cut so well?
A. The term Micro-Shear® flush cutter is a registered
trademark of XURON CORP. and is applied only to our
products which utilize our patented, blade by-pass
shear cutting action.
Conventional wire cutters utilize a compression-type cut,
with the advancing cutting edges forcing the metal of the
wire out of their way.
Micro-Shear® flush cutters utilize a shearing cut, with the
by-pass cutting edges slicing cleanly through the metal
(see illustration at bottom of adjacent page).
Shear cutting greatly reduces mechanical shock
delivered to the component and requires only about
half the effort to cut a wire as compared to conventional
compression-type wire cutters.

It appears the jaws are designed to be "mis-aligned."

Bill Bear said...

I went to the Rio Grande website but, due to the large variety of cutters/pliers, I am not sure which ones are yours. Could you post the part numbers if its not too much trouble.
Bill Bear

Pierre Oliver said...

The Flush Cutters are #111706
and the chain nose pliers are

Pierre Oliver said...

If the "mis-alignement " is a design feature, why is it not consistent in all the tools. I've looked at many Xuron flush cutters and the offset in the jaws varies greatly from tool to tool. I feel that the Xuron explanation is advertising hype to address a quality control issue.

Unknown said...

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