Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sometimes it pays to come out of the basement

Today, rather than sequester myself in the basement yet again, I chose to sashay out into the big bad world and take in the Ancaster Train show.
Just an hour and a half down the highway.
Got to see a few old friends, brush past the few unwashed types who seem to always populate these shows,(What's up with that anyway? Water's not the expensive! For crying out loud people, bath!).
And perused the tables looking for treats.
Did find this gem,
One of those WIF cars in Philadelphia. based upon the reweigh date, between 1952-54.
These WIF cars sure got around. I've been having people tell me they've seen pictures of them in the NW, in Sudbury, ON, to name but 2.
And that is the prototype of one of our latest kits.
Such a neat car.

And I bought more tree armatures from my favorite supplier.
Model Builders Supply,
They offer, what is for me the nicest plastic tree armatures out there.
Unlike the armatures from Woodland Scenics, these are cast with branches on 4 sides, resulting in a nicer looking tree, IMHO.
Now to find all the tree stuff.
It's down here somewheres!


Ted Culotta said...

The car next to it is cool, too (although not as cool). It's a New Haven 10'0" IH PS-1.

Stephen Gardiner said...

I'm not helping my own cause to not buy one of the WIF kits here, but Vancouver Archives has a picture of one in Vancouver in 1955:;dc