Saturday, July 14, 2018

Fresno light?

Fresno redux?
Doesn't really much matter what we call it.

Rather than have a boring old staging yard, we thought we'd tart it up a touch.
Caboose track, Locomotive escape pocket, 2 stall roundhouse with 2 exterior "garden" tracks.
Lineside buildings will populate the scene as well.
Water and oil column, sand, etc for the inbound roundhouse tracks, etc.
What I find amusing is that it's a simple yard and yet it requires 10 turnouts.
That's more than all the turnouts in Trevor's layout !

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Mark said...

It's more turnouts than Trevor's layout because he used a sector plate for the staging yard, thus avoiding the "tart it up" temptation. I think his four tracks counts as at least 3 turnouts.