Saturday, October 13, 2018

And one more

Just under the wire for next weekend
I'm pretty certain that this particular car has not been offered before, particularly with this level of detail.
CNR 10'6" IH AAR 40' boxcar, with NSC-3 ends and PS-1 roof.
The kit features all the things you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works. One piece resin cast body, custom etchings, Black Cat decals, our own etched Apex running board, etc.
And as a first, we're now including Smoky Mountain HO resin cast draft gear boxes.
The kit will be for sale, first at the Chicagoland RPM and then online. The kits will go online right after the RPM.
$60.00 USD plus shipping


Anonymous said...

Beautiful car. I think CP had very similiar cars. It also looks like your newly rendered NSC-3 ends are superior to the 3 decade old Sylvan/CRPMG ends. Have you thought about supplanting the old NSC ends in your parts line with these ones?

Tom Casey said...

Looks nice! I wonder if there was a GTW variant?