Monday, December 31, 2018

last one for 2018

This ole classic from Sunshine Models, PRR GS 38' all steel gon.
And that neat large tire load.
This will be the last car built this year, but many more to come next year, I'm sure.
It's been a good year.
Yarmouth Model Works continues to be a success. My products are being well received and we're always looking at new items. There are some exciting new kits looming for 2019.
Stay tuned!
I know I've fallen way behind on custom building work, but I'm hoping that the coming year will allow me to pickup some of that slack.
The new layout continues be a joy. Look for lots of updates as work progresses.
The big goal is to have trains run from one end to the other by this time next year.

Happy New Year everyone!!! :-)

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