Friday, July 9, 2021

Almost ready for Basic Black

 The cabooses have entered the awkward adolescent phase.
Lots of time spent, not a lot of evidence of progress, but we're close.

The car bodies are almost ready for black on the roofs. I just have to add the cupola roof grabs and I can paint the roofs. Good ole tissue paper was used for the canvas roof cover. Grimy Black will round it out nicely.

  All the underbody detail is done. A few hours of fitting and soldering here.
I'm happy to report, no burnt finger tips!

The end railings are coming along. The curved bits need to formed and attached, along with the hand brakes. That should be done tomorrow, which will allow me to paint the underframe.

Once that is done, I can focus on the body mounted grabs and final assembly.
I do enjoy these models, but it's always nice to get them done

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