Monday, February 14, 2022

damn Bureaucrats

 The following statement will soon be up on the Yarmouth Model Works website;

Due to changes at US Customs and Border Protection and Canada Post, we are no longer able to mail small parts orders as letter mail. As a result we have to implement a minimum order policy effective immediately.
Orders will now have to be have at least $40.00 before shipping costs are added.
I very much regret having to do this, but the government agencies leave me with no option.

Government sticking it to small business yet again.


Ken Rutherford said...

Does this apply to orders shipped within Canada? As we have to pay in American dollars it gets pretty expensive when one only need a few detail items.

Ken Rutherford
Port Alberni, BC

Jimmer said...

Can you send them out as personal mail, rather than from the business?

Jim @ JSSX