Monday, July 9, 2012

A Tribute to My Friend

On Thursday last, my friend and fellow modeler, Rich Chrysler, passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.
Rich was a talented modeler who was instrumental in my evolution into prototype modeling. His skill sets were only overmatched by his generosity and his willingness to share.
His CN Hagersville Sub can be seen here in video made by his son and accomplished modeler in his own right, Geoff.
Rich's other passion, other than his family, was restoring and driving Austin-Healys. So I've decided that a fitting and permanent tribute for Rich will be to place an Austin-Healy on my layout.

The car is seen in this photo crossing the main in Aylmer, but it will have a permanent home on Highway 6 as crosses the main in Jarvis, once I have the scene completed. Rich's Hagersville Sub shared the mainline with the Cayuga Sub from Jarvis to Simcoe, so I imagine that had he been able to, Rich would have driven that road many times in his favorite car.
Rich also modified the 2 brass Moguls I have to run the CN trains that shared the main with the Wabash trains, so his presence will linger for many years to come.
I'm going to miss my friend a lot.
Thanks, Rich.

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Trevor said...

Nicely said. I too am sad that Rich is no longer with us, but the number of tributes I'm seeing online and in private emails is some small comfort - and validates what we always knew about Rich: He had many, many friends.