Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sometimes, It's the Little Things

Every now and then I get requests for smaller jobs, like a paint job and a custom decaling request. And usually they're straight forward. But they can lull one into a false sense of security.
This car was sent to me, to be painted PRR Tuscan and lettered as you see. The origin of this model is a mystery. The box has no label, and there's no "Made in..." cast onto the car. But it's a nice little model that was factory painted and lettered.
The first step was to attempt to remove the factory paint. To my amazement a bath in Scalecoat Paint and decal Remover didn't touch the factory finish at all. "Impressive!", I thought.
So painted over the factory finish with Scalecoat PRR Tuscan and was pleased to note that the factory lettering seemed to disappear. I left that to cure for a few days, so I could mask off the body and paint the underbody and end platforms black.
Once I could no longer smell solvent from the body colour, out came the Tamiya masking tape, on went the black. As I pulled the tape off, most of the Tuscan along with the factory paint and lettering also came off!
Solvents wouldn't touch this paint but it pulls off with tape!?
Mind blowing!
I let the black cure, taped it off and reapplied the Tuscan. This time everything stayed in place.
The model goes back to it's owner today. I hope he's pleased.

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