Monday, November 5, 2012

Operations on the Hagersville Sub

This Saturday past, the CN Hagersville Sub layout of my late friend, Rich Chrysler, was open to the public for the annual H.O.M.E.S club layout tour.
It was one of his hopes that we, his friends, would be able to get more work done on the layout and get it running for this layout tour. I happy to say that we succeeded. Led by his son, Geoff, a number of work sessions occurred following Rich's death which assured that the layout was more than ready for the big day.
Geoff in particular, worked like a man possessed to honour his father's wishes. The 2 linked scenes of Simcoe and Simcoe South went from plywood to nearly complete in a very short space of time.
On Saturday we had over 200 people come through to view the layout and in their own way pay tribute to his passing. It's still hard to believe that Rich touched so many lives during his short stay with us.
The future of the layout remains unsure, but Geoff very much wants to keep it going. There's still much to do and untold hours of operations to come. And first we have to track down all the little gremlins that popped out as soon as visitors appeared.
Everybody stop looking at the layout!
Geoff has posted some nice video of the layout on YouTube. Have a look.

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