Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Running on the Maumee Route

In advance of last weeks Prototype Modelers Conference in Naperville, I had the opportunity to operate on Bill Darnaby's layout, The Maumee Route.
I've been keen to run on this layout from the first time I saw it a few years ago and it certainly did not disappoint.
Bill has said that the whole point of the layout was to allow modelers to run realistic Timetable and Train Order operations. Stations are placed far enough apart to create a sense of distance and the layout design assures that operators can't peak down the line to see if the line is clear. Combine that with Bill's extensive modeling talents and the layout is true masterpiece.
One has to read and understand the schedule, the train registers and any train orders issued to be able to proceed on the line and avoid collisions. As you roll by the stations on the layout you have to check the train order boards for orders.
I can tell you that as a neophyte on the layout there was, at times, a high level of internal stress as I struggled to remember all the little details I was required to concern myself with.
I'm happy to report that I was not responsible for any impromptu meetings of equipment, but I did neglect to sign the train register for one arrival towards the end of the session. (Sorry Bill).
While I have much more to learn about TT&TO operations, I now feel that I've got a better handle on the whole process and am getting closer to being able to implement TT&TO on my Wabash layout once it's ready to roll.
I hope to be invited back in the future to repeat the experience and will put the lessons learned to good use with the Cayuga Sub of the Wabash in due course.

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