Friday, October 5, 2012

With a little help from my friend

My good friend Trevor Marshall spent the day with me and we wired and tested the towns of Courtland and Delhi. A very successful procedure and a nice change from building cars for day.
That's me running #124 through the track in Delhi. And Trevor branding the ties to suggest fishplates. :-)
It was hoped that today was going to be a banner day. Where we ran a Red Ball from one end to other. Sadly not to be.
In the excitement and anticipation I had forgotten that I have yet to wire the town of Jarvis. Sigh.
That will take me about a day and then we can roll trains.

All that will no doubt have to wait until after Naperville. I have to finish my presentation amongst other things.

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Trevor said...

A great day out, Pierre - thanks for the break from my routine, too!