Saturday, September 29, 2012

More New Stuff

I've discussed car ladders a couple of times on this blog. If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that I've been rumbling about doing something.
Well here it is. I'm now retailing etched ladder stiles in 4 styles.
Ladder Types;
14" 8 rung

16" 7 rung

 16" 8 rung

18" 7 rung
I've always been frustrated with plastic car ladders. Flash to clean off. Rungs that break when desprueing. Oversize rung diameters.
These ladder stiles are photo-etched brass and are available in 4 rung spacings. The stiles are pierced for 0.012" wire grabs if you use Tichy grabs you may have to ream out the holes a tad, since Tichy uses 0.0125" wire for their grabs.
The parts are easy to use. Cut the stiles from the fret and either using a tool like "Etch-Mate" or a steel ruler and a single edge razor blade, fold the stiles into an angle. Use either commercial straight grabs or form your own for the rungs. Now you can easily use 0.010" or 0.008" wire if you desire for a more scale appearance. Cut the legs of the grab very short and insert in the holes. Secure with CA or solder. Small tabs of styrene inside the angle can be used to create standoffs.

I'm also releasing etched eyebolts in 2 styles.
 The commercial bent wire eyebolts have always been oversize. By photoetching we can reduce the size to a far more prototype appearance.
We offer 2 frets of eyebolts with a mix of sizes to serve all your needs.
The photos show the parts with a piece of 0.010" wire so you can get a real sense of small these items are. But since they're phosphor bronze they are robust.
They come either with or without simulated collars

All of these items will be listed on the Yarmouth Model Works website within the week.
All items are $3.00 ea, plus mailing costs. Which will vary according to amount ordered.

I will have these items on display in Naperville for the Railroad Prototype Modelers meet, Oct 18-20. I will be presenting a clinc that week as well as selling in the sales room on the Saturday. Maybe we'll see you there.

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Anonymous said...

I've always had the same contention about plastic ladders and I'm looking forward to using yours on a project soon.