Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maybe it's an illness

I actually enjoy building stock cars.
Here's 3 more Sunshine stock car kits. ATSF SK-R, SK-T and SK-U. Really nice pattern work from Charlie Slater. Through these cars you can see the progression of the end design as the railroad worked at making it easier and safer for the crews to access the end doors to inspect the loads.
I had a nice time building these cars and they all have my usual level of detail upgrades. Full underbody rigging and plumbing including brake rod clevis.

These cars are going on Ebay this afternoon and if they don't sell I'll bring them to Naperville and perhaps sell them there

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Trevor said...

Yes - it's an illness.
Really nice work, as always, Pierre. I wish someone would do a CNR Fowler stock car in S scale, just so I could get you to build a couple for me!
- Trevor