Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nice one Ted! Actually credit goes to Bill.

Since I first wrote this post, I've been informed that the actual roof patterns were created by my friend Bill Welch. I'm a big proponent of credit where credit is due, so I apologize to Bill for the error.
I know that Bill is working on some other neat projects and once they are ready, I'll let you know about them. If they're half as good as the roof patterns, we're in for a treat.

I just completed these 4 NYC stock cars for a client. They are Westerfield kits with a difference.
The roofs on these models are not the kit provided roofs, but rather a roof created by Ted Culotta of Speedwitch Media. They represent a reroof done by NYC done in the 40s, I believe.
Interesting that the railway went from a metal roof to a wood sheathing. There's a conversation I would have like to have heard.
The pattern Ted created for this roof is nothing short of spectacular. Just the right level of variance in the individual boards to make it look believable without being overdone. Too many people over-weather wood structures to the point that in real life they'd be falling down.
For a variety of reasons Ted has scaled back some of his Speedwitch activity, but his items can be found on Ebay from time to time. Well worth searching out. 

So a little post script. I found the prototype data sheet and it states that the cars were reroofed in the late 40s and 50s as required.

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Ted DiIorio said...

My guess would be that if they converted them during the war years then wood was used because of metal shortages, the same reasons the war emergency cars were built with wood (hoppers, gondolas, etc.)