Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life's a Beach

Got back on Sunday from Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach. Good times, good people.
Thanks to Mike Brock for hosting this event. It's well worth the trip.
I acquired a couple of things while there.
I received the first production body casting of the CPR plywood sheathed car I'm working on. Looking good! We've had a few delays due to illness and other issues, but the target date for release is still February for now. The holdup now is artwork for etchings and laser cutting. But it will be worth the wait.
The other item I picked up was the last Smoky Mountain Model Works HO scale kit.
An SAL B7 turtle roof boxcar kit.

I was very impressed with the effort that has gone into this car. I wasn't going to buy one of these, since the online photos I was seeing weren't that impressive. But once I got to see the body casting in person, I was sold. The website photos do not do this model justice.
The biggest concern I had was the roof/end interface and I have to say that the model deserves a 9.5 out of 10. The flange should be thinner, but I doubt that it would have been practical to execute the pattern otherwise.
So am I going back to Cocoa Beach? You bet I will! Maybe next time there will be a launch from NASA to really ice the cake.

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