Monday, January 7, 2013

S stands for...

Actually I blanked on that one. Insert your own adjective.
I just completed these 2 S scale freight cars for my friend, Trevor Marshall, who's building a layout of the CNR Port Rowan branchline. I've had the great pleasure of running on his layout. Trevor subscribes to the "Slow it down" school of operations. Check out his blog and see what he's up to. Some neat ideas.
Back to the cars. The gon is a F&C offering, and while a fairly straight forward build, it certainly helps give one a sense of the possibilities of S scale.
The ventilated boxcar is a Smokey Mountain Model Works offering. A very nicely done kit, that is a delight to build. I do enjoy ventilated boxcars. They are just so darn neat. The double set of doors and the end vents create a unique looking car. And they wandered all over the place, hauling melons and other such produce. Most transition era layouts should have at least one on the roster.
In 2 days it's off to Florida for the Prototype Rails meet. First time for me at this meet. In fact first time for me that far south. The fact that it takes model trains to get me to Florida in the winter is instructive. Draw your own conclusions.