Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready for my Close up, Mr DeMille

Here they are, painted, weathered and ready for revenue service. 2 three compartment tank cars from Southern Car & Foundry. 
The first of these kits are intended to be available in Cocoa Beach at the Prototype Rails meet in January.
These cars were actually fun to build. Somewhat of a departure for me. They should do very well. I'm pleased and proud to be able to have helped Jon Cagle with there models.
Look for more really neat tank cars from SC&F in the future.
 And I really should mention that both cars are riding on Tahoe Model Works trucks. The best for the best.


Anonymous said...

SWEET! Love the SHPX car!

gary roe
quincy, illinois

Tim said...

Very nice models. What did you use for decals?

Pierre Oliver said...

The decals are part of a custom run for the cars in question.

Uncleroger0 said...

WOW, I will buy one! They look terrific!