Thursday, December 27, 2012

Step into the Wayback Machine, Mr Peabody.

I just mailed this car off to a client. It is a West Shore Line resin kit of a Lehigh Valley "wrong way door" boxcar.
It's worthy of note in that the kit is actually 20 years old. While the decals were a bit of a trial, the actual castings were in very good shape. The pattern work makes some of the offerings of today look a little sad.
I usually cringe when I open a box and find the old yellow "Alumilite" resin. But in this case the casting was very carefully done and as a result the car was a pleasant build.
I also got this car complete. It's the fuel tanker for an experiment the UP conducted with their turbines. They modified one locomotive to burn propane and as a result required this tankcar for the fuel.
The modeling project is well described in the UP Sig publication.
To date I've built 3 of these tankcars for clients. Not sure if I want to do another.

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