Thursday, December 20, 2012

Less is More

I painted the coal dock with Floquil Aged Concrete. After letting that sit for a couple of days, I broke out the Pan Pastels and the Bragdon chalks and went for it.

And I wasn't happy at all. I sent the above photo to my buddy Trevor Marshall and we chatted about processes and desired looks. We also found one colour photo of a CN coal dock in service from the era I'm modeling. The vision I had in my minds eye was all wrong.
So it was back to the paint shop.
A full repaint with Aged Concrete. Then a overspray of regular Concrete. After letting that sit for a bit, I come in with a thin mix of Grimy Black and dusted in some tones and some exhaust stains.
Much better!
I'm going to leave the weathering alone until the coal chutes are installed and see what may be required.
Thanks Trevor.

The coal dock in it's natural habitat.

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Trevor said...

My pleasure - much better and it's nice to be able to help you with a weathering project for a change. I look forward to seeing it with the hardware installed.