Monday, April 8, 2013

A Difficult Day

Yesterday a few friends and I got together for a sad task. We had to demolish our late friend's, Rich Chrysler, layout.
Almost 20 years to build and 3 hours to get it in the bin. Hardly seems fair. I've been reflecting a lot that this is the eventual fate for all of our layouts. Dust to dust.
A couple of scenes were saved. All the structures as well. Many went to new homes already and the balance will be sold at local flea markets along with some of his rolling stock and locomotives.
Rich's eldest son, Geoff, who is an accomplished modeler in his own right is writing an article on his Dad's layout and hopefully it will see the press in a year or so. Stay tuned.
This is one of my favorite scenes from the photo shoot we had a few weeks ago. The interchange at Caledonia.
On the upside, I came home with Rich's very nice model of Jarvis station. Rich modeled the Canadian National Hagersville Sub and I model the Cayuga Sub. To get into Simcoe proper and on to Port Dover and Port Rowan, the Hagersville Sub shared the main with the Cayuga Sub between Jarvis and Simcoe North. We both model both stations, just from opposite sides of the tracks.
I'm pleased and honoured to have this model on my layout and will cherish it for sometime to come.
Once I get the scene developed and fully sceniced, Rich's Austin Healy will take up residence in the parking lot.


Hunter Hughson said...

This was probably one of the nicest layout I've ever seen. It must have been a difficult day for everyone.


Ian Cranstone said...

I was privileged on a couple of occasions to see Rich's layout, and can only say that it was a thing of beauty. It's sad to hear of its demise, but at least some of the superb modelling will continue to serve new owners.