Monday, April 15, 2013

A Little Work in Jarvis

With my now owning Rich's lovely model of the Jarvis station, I was motivated to do a little work in Jarvis this weekend.
Working with the photos I have and the survey, I chose a location for the station and built the rest of the scene around it.
In the foreground is Highway #6. The crossing was protected by manually operated arms, controlled from the little structure between the highway and the station. As seen in this image.
I cut a "foundation" for the station from 0.060" styrene, which will give me something to bring ground cover up against. And you can see the beginnings of the station platforms on the 2 sides. A train order board will go up on the Wabash main once the platform is done.
All this only took a few hours, but it actually helps me look ahead to a more complete layout.
Next I'll add plaster to the road edges and start adding ground cover, mostly cinders for a start. I've noticed that there was a lot of cinder cover around all these station areas in the time I'm modeling.

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