Sunday, September 22, 2013

End of an Era.

Has it really been 48 years? Wow!
George Selios of Fine Scale Miniatures fame has just announced that he is retiring form the kit producing business. The kit shown in the above photo will be his last offering.
Such a debt the hobby owes George. His was a rare talent. Just study the photos of his layout, the Franklin and South Manchester and you will get to see the depth of his skills.
I built a few of his kits over the years. The first was in the mid 70s and it was the reissue of his homage to John Allen. The 2 stall engine house. The finished model is long gone, too many moves as a young man, but the castings are still in my drawers of treasures.
Those kits were a delight. Well designed and the instructions took one step by step through the construction and finishing processes. I learned a whole lot of tricks from those kits.
I didn't always agree with his heavily weathered approach to structures, too many appear to be on the verge of collapse, but I learned valuable weathering and distressing techniques and as a result evolved my own style and philosophy.
Thanks, George. It wouldn't have been as much fun without you.

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