Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well the Intention is;

To have these 2 new items ready for the RPM Naperville next month.
First up is this AC&F covered hopper roof mini-kit. This set of castings and etchings is meant to refit an InterMountain Railway Co covered hopper kit to better represent cars used by MP and other roads.
Etchings are in hand and casting is underway. We've had a little hiccup with a hatch dimension, but that will be rectified in a day or so. Price $15.00

 And then there's this bad boy. The NP 39000 series boxcar. We've been working on this for awhile. The etchings are now in hand, so work can now continue on the pilot model.
This car features a rather different brake rigging arrangement which we've worked hard at to recreate. As you can see there are 3 levers, 2 of which are mounted on etched A frames.
A note about this model. The prototype featured a rather unique style of truck, as the prototype photo shows. The closest HO truck out there to this is the Kadee Andrews truck. But to get this model to sit properly on the trucks one will have to modify the Kadee truck some. The bonus of this is that the modified model truck will look more like the prototype. The modification isn't that hard to do and a full description will be included in the instructions. This kit will retail for $55.00
Alright, enough typing back to work. People will want these models.

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