Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AC&F covered hopper roof with Type 3 hatches

Finally, the test assembly of the parts is done.
And I'm very pleased with the final result.
I won't lie to you. The assembly of the latch rod supports and the hatch hold-downs is very, very fiddly. Certainly not a task to be undertaken after 3-4 cups of coffee. But a little patience and perseverance and a very satisfactory result will be attained.
Kits will be for sale in 3-4 weeks, just as soon as the casting elves get up to speed.
I would urge anyone interested in the model to get a copy of the latest RP CYC. The issue covers all the variants of this car. Lots of great photos and useful prototype data.
No decals will be offered by Yarmouth Model Works. But I do know that a number of people are working on correct decals for this car.

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