Saturday, November 9, 2013

Models like this

Make my job a pleasure.

These 3 cars are O Scale Chooch resin kits. Sadly no longer available, but they do show up on Ebay and at swap meets.
The FGEX reefers are particularly stunning pieces. Jim Zwernemann, who did the original patterns for this kit, did a stunning job. The T&G plank sheathing shows the lighter middle groove in the 1x6 plank, suggesting 2 1x3 planks. My friend Bill Welch is working on replicating this in HO scale for an upcoming project.
Custom ladders and other Delrin parts were created and cast for this reefer as well.
The Soo Line sawtoothed Fowler is a long time favorite of mine. Both the prototype and the models. Again another very well executed offering from Chooch.
While the Chooch line is no longer sold, Southern Car & Foundry is working at offering O scale resin kits, as is Rails Unlimited. Good thing I'm well set with HO scale. O scale gets tempting at times.

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