Thursday, November 28, 2013

Antiques almost

I just finished these 2 O scale resin cars. Both are from the mid 1980s. Back when they were still figuring out what could and couldn't be done in resin.
Both of these cars have stood the test of time.
The SP Auto car was one of Chooch's early offerings. The resin is brittle and exudes a diesel fuel odour when sanded or drilled, making the process a tad unpleasant , but the details are well represented. Those are even the 30+ year old decals.
The flash was rather thick and with the resin being as hard as it was I was compelled to take the model parts to the belt sander on the rear porch. But in the end a very satisfactory model results.
The second car is a model of a 1932 ARA design boxcar for NC&StL made by Lee Turner. Lots of customer supplied after market parts were applied to this car, as you can see.
It's waiting for paint because I've decided to try a new paint line. Tru-Color have taken over the old Accu-Paint line and have added a array of freight car colors that are meant to be accurate versions of prototype road colors. So I've decided to try out their colors on this car and a ATSF Bx-12 from SC&F that I'm building right now. Stay tuned.

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