Monday, December 2, 2013

And Weather to Taste

And here they are in their finished glory. 4 series 1 CNR 8 hatch reefers decaled and weathered and ready for service on the layout.
Built between 10/39 and 4/40, the first batch of reefers were painted mineral red with white lettering. All of the early series cars were shopped and repainted into what is seen here. The red leaf was applied up until 1946 when it was replaced by the green leaf with the tilted herald. Given that I model 1951, I felt that it was reasonable for both leafs to be represented. Makes for a nice mix of colour in the consists.
I find that light coloured cars can be trickier to weather than "brown" cars. And most of the images I have of these cars in service indicate that they were kept in good condition. Understandable when you consider what went into the cars. So I exercised a little restraint with the weathering.
After they were flat coated a wash of black india ink thinned in alcohol was applied. Really caused the details to pop out. I then sprayed a very thin Railroad Tie Brown down the rivet lines as well as on the ends for wheel splash and between the rivet lines on the panels a very thin spray of earth was applied. The underbody and trucks and wheelsets were heavily dosed with thin black for all that grunge that accumulates.
They are now dirty but not overly so. The right balance for me.

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