Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crazy, maybe...

But the ends justify the means.
Have a look at my buddy Aaron's latest effort.
Doesn't register well in the first image.

But with a little low angle illumination the effect starts to register.

What's it all in aid of?
Our next resin kit offering.
The Wabash 12 panel welded boxcar.
We're trying to replicate the panel warping that occurred when the steel sheets were welded together. That's the beauty of resin casting, you can recreate these kinds of effects fairly simply. I certainly like the results.

Built in 1948 by AC&F, 400 of these cars were added to the Wabash roster. Not a large fleet by any imagination, but an interesting car that could easily have roamed the continent. The kit, when ready, will also feature another new item from Yarmouth Model Works, all new etched running boards. The etched running boards are correct thickness and have finer detail than we've been used to in etched running boards.
I hope to have the beginnings of the pilot model for show in Springfield/Amherst this coming January.

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