Sunday, June 15, 2014

The kindness of others.

I recently had the fun and privilege of building 4 of my all time favorite Sunshine kits. The 19th Anniversary BREX, WFEX, FGEX wartime reefers.
One was for a client, the FGEX car, and the other 3 I had on the shelf for myself.
As I was getting the parts sorted and ready for assembly, I noted that the decals for the FGEX car were wrong. A set for the BREX car had been packed in the kit. Given that I've had that car on the shelf for over 3 years, the warranty from Sunshine was most definitely passed. Further I was under a bit of a time crunch as the client for the FGEX will be visiting from Germany in a couple of weeks and didn't want to wait the usual length of time for Sunshine to process an order that they may not be able to fill.
So I put a "help" request out on the Yahoo STMFC list and was rewarded with an email from Bill Adam, offering to sell me some older Champ decals that would help finish the car. I immediately sent Bill a cheque and in about a week the decals arrived and I was able to finish the car just as the client wished.
Thanks Bill! You are an awesome soul.
The other 3 cars were finished and listed on Ebay and have all sold.

I should mention that the reason I love these kits so much is that they are the first Sunshine kits to include a goodly amount of etched brass for some of the parts. The ladders, fan housings, door hinges, bracket grab brackets and hatch rest are all etched and help make an outstanding looking model. They were in part inspiration for what I am doing with my kit line.
While I work alone, 50 + hours a week, in the basement, I'm always struck by how much we owe others for our day to day successes.

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