Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forever Plaid

Remember these boxes?
When I started getting "serious" about model railroading, way back in the '70s, these guys were top of the heap. I remember leafing through Walthers catalogues and being agog at the presentation models Campbell showed. Truly inspiring.
And when I could finally scrape up the cash for one of these kits, they did not disappoint. Precision milled wood, excellent instructions and drawing/templates. A little care and concern, and very nice models resulted.
And Campbell is still with us today. Remarkable. No laser cutting, no peel and stick. Traditional model kit building at it's best.
I need a water tank for the town of Simcoe. CNR had a tank just north of the main that fed a water plug that was between the main and the passing track. I looked online for awhile and I kept coming back to the Campbell kit. The proportions were what I wanted and I knew that the level of weathering I wanted would be easier on a wooden kit.
Here's the result.
The tank and frost box were painted with thinned CN Red #11 with an undercoat of wood stain for that hard at work look. The legs and braces were just washed with tie stain. I added the white maple leafs to help tell the story. It's CN owned trackage and infrastructure, with the Wabash having running rights. The prototype didn't have heralds on it but other tanks in the province did and I like the appearance.
Once the scenery crew comes through Simcoe I'll "green" the base and then secure the tank in place. A very pleasant build.

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