Monday, October 6, 2014

Is there anything more "Railroady" than...

Steam era reefers?

I think not.
These 4 reefers are Sunshine kits that just got finished and are on their way to their new home.
I know the client will enjoy these as much as I enjoyed building them. The multi-coloured paint jobs make these kits a nice diversion from basic boxcars. As they are flat cast kits, it's easy to get the colour separations. Build and detail the ends, roofs and sides separately, paint and then final assemble. Saves so much masking tape and I don't like masking.
Now to pack for the annual trek to Naperville/Lisle. So looking forward to seeing all the usual suspects and maybe making some new friends.

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Craig said...

Keep your CA bottles in the fridge or freezer. It will last for years (or until it runs out). I have a 2 oz bottle that has been living my my fridge for over two years and it still is as fresh as the day I bought it.