Monday, December 22, 2014

A Trio of Old Favorites

I just finished assembling 3 of my all time favorite resin kits.
The Railyard Models X58 boxcar.

When Gene Fusco first released these kits, I was blown away by the entire package. Some of the best casting ever done. The quality of the castings rivaled what you could do with injection molding. All the mounting holes for details were  spotted on the car body. Every resin part fit without adjustment.
And then there was the etchings. Brackets and braces for brake systems. Ladders, end platforms etc.
Exquisitely done and made the finished models an absolute joy to behold.
These kits are a joy to assemble.
Gene, in part, provided me with inspiration as to what a resin kit could be and should be. It's kinda too bad he chose not to continue with Rail Yard Models. But at least Intermountain Railway Co is gaining from his talents.


Colin 't Hart said...

And the cars are now worth a fortune! They sell for upwards of $100 when they hit eBay :-(

Colin 't Hart said...

PS I just checked. The last one of these I saw sold for $107.50