Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wherever did it all come from?

Yet another full day packing and prepping the layout for demolition.

I'm now at over 24 cartons of stuff! And I've yet to touch the business inventory.
Today was dismount all the lighting for the lower level. Pack all the books and magazines, scenery material, DCC components, electrical parts, signals, sundry paperwork. etc. And disassemble many Ikea Ivar shelves.
The bin is ordered for Monday. Over the weekend I'll be getting some help for the major surgery part of the job. Cutting up and removing the layout proper. I saving very little. Flex track in the staging yards, Bull Frog turnout controls and that's about it. The time required to salvage isn't worth the effort. I've got far too much to do.
At some point soon I have to get all my inventory sorted for Springfield.
Anybody want some 4' single tube florescents?

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