Sunday, August 30, 2015

Benchwork. The Great Stress Reliever!

I've just gone through 5 days of hell.
The people who my webhoster rents server space from in Chicago defaulted on Tuesday last and walked away without telling anyone. So I and many others were left without websites and email for days as a result.
Email service was restored Saturday am, but due to some errors in passwords the websites are still not back up at this time. Also, due to some other errors yet to be fully understood, my email backups are not 100% at this time. I've lost about 200 emails, but I'm hopeful that I can get some of it back yet.
So I decided to distract myself and get some layout work done. Namely a little bit of roadbed.

Nothing fancy. Just a run of mainline from the west end staging, around the corner where "Skunk's Misery will be, and as far as the west end of the Kettle Creek steel trestle.
I can't really proceed any further now until I dig out the box that has the abutments and the trestle footings so I can determine how far below the regular benchwork the valley floor has to be.
None of this has solved my web issues, but I feel better, a little.


Colin 't Hart said... works for me, now.

Trevor said...

It's great to see progress and you've articulated one of the things I like best about this hobby - namely, that when stupid things are happening elsewhere in one's life, there's always something positive to do on the layout.
As for the comment that you can't really proceed any further right now, I disagree: While you may not be able to add more benchwork, you could get a start on roadbed and track. If you laid the section of mainline along the wall from staging to Skunk's Misery and wired it up, you would have a terrific chunk of test track to put Tilley through her paces. You could also rough in the scenery in this section to keep Tilley from making the trip to the floor.
Yes - it's easier to focus on one thing at a time, like benchwork. But there's nothing wrong with forging ahead on the section you've already built. And you can throw some of that kraft paper over it to protect the scene when you start building more benchwork.
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

Pierre Oliver said...

I should have said, I can't go further on benchwork until...
You're so fussy.