Saturday, September 5, 2015

They're a lot of work,

but well worth the effort.
Cabooses that is.
These are 2 S scale vans I've just completed for a client. They just have receive a touch of weathering and they're off to the client.
Assembling caboose kits can be tricky. You have to plan your moves like one of Patton's campaigns.
Patton has been described as the best military traffic cop ever. But that's another whole set of debates/discussions.
One has to take care not to proceed too far before painting. In this case I had to paint, decal and flat finish before the glazing could go in. Certainly don't want flat finish on the glass.
And I'll have to be careful with weathering not to spray the glass.
And once the glazing is in, CA can not be liberally used to assemble the final components. The fumes, if trapped, will fog the glazing. I used canopy glue to bond the floor to the body, the cupolas to the roof and took care as to where CA was applied to attach the roof to the body.
There are days, I'm thankful that there isn't a better selection of equipment in S scale. I'd be sorely tempted.

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Trevor said...

Nice job. I know the client (not me this time!) and I'm sure he'll be very happy.
We'd be happy if you moved to S scale, too - and with your experience as a manufacturer, I'm confident the "better selection of equipment" would be taken care of, pronto.
But of course it would be an uphill battle to make a living in S. You could always go the Bob Walker route - manufacture in HO (Accurail) but model in another scale (in his case, On3).
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)