Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If you know what this,

You might be a model railroader.
The first 4 of about 12 sheets of 1/2" Homasote I expect to use building the new layout.
Along with large expanses for the yards and towns, I have to mill strips and curved sections for the roadbed.
Rather than create flexible 2" wide strips, like I did on the old layout. I'm going to cut 90 degree curved sections, like I did for the sub-roadbed. It's a little more wasteful, but it'll make far less dust in the long run. I no longer have the luxury of a professional woodworking shop to do my milling in, and it's doubtful that either the nieghbours or my wife would appreciate the clouds of dust that could get generated.
Details when it cools down a bit and I can spend some time at the saw.

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