Thursday, September 10, 2015

Layout Chronicles: So it begins

Seven turnouts in what will be the west end staging yard. All built using the Fast Tracks system.
A couple of the turnouts in the middle of the compound ladder will be operated using the Bull Frogs from Fast tracks, while the turnouts on the outside will use conventional ground throws. It's just staging, no need to get carried away.
I will be using Hexfrog Juicers for all the polarity control through the entire layout. They are simple to install and require no fiddling to keep going.

The actual staging tracks will be flextrack left over from the old layout, while the balance of the layout will be handlaid. I like the look of real wood ties and enjoy the zen of laying track.
I have to create Homasote roadbed sections before I can get going on any of the main portion of the layout. And I have to get a backdrop in place first.
Coming soon!