Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ATSF Fe-21

Every now and then, clients send me really neat projects to build for them. This guy is in the top 5, fun adventures.
ATSF had a huge affinity with rebuilding cars, which in part endears them to me so much. (I love rebuilds). This class of 50' car was rebuilt in 1940-41. The original intent was to rebuild 50, 50' cars with single doors and end doors. But as the work progressed an urgent need for 50' auto parts cars without end doors arose, so only 5 of these cars were ever built. Making them one of the rarest car types on the ATSF or any other road for that matter.
Creating a model of this rare beauty required 3 major components.
A Proto 2000 50' single door boxcar kit.
A Proto 2000 50' double door boxcar with end door kit
A Sunshine mini-kit for the Fe-21. (which includes cast resin side sills, ends and door tracks)
I had to saw off the door end from the double car. As well as saw off both ends on the single door car.
Cut off the molded side sill from the single door car. Glue on the end door and the resin B end. Add the recessed side sills and putty the cuts in the roof. With a little care and careful planning the cuts were easily accomplished.

From there, it was a straight forward boxcar detailing job. I tossed the kit ladders and most of the other plastic details and used my own ladders and rungs, Kadee bracket grabs, my own sill steps, Tichy brake parts, etc. A model this unique deserves the best.

With the standout "straightline map" this car is a standout.
I'm really very pleased with how this turned out. Now I want one for myself.

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Colin 't Hart said...

Complete with National trucks, I love it!