Monday, December 12, 2016

The 12 Caboose Saga

So this is what 12 caboose kits at one time looks like after a day of initial work.
What we've got here are 12 of Lake Junction Models M.P. caboose kits, #7001.
I chose this model as I feel that it's very close to the Wabash 2600 series caboose and with a little extra effort on my part, one will be hard pressed to tell the difference.
One of the major features is the windows. A large number of the 2600 series cabooses had 4 windows on both sides, but photos also indicate that there were cabooses with only 3 windows on one side or the other. So I had Lake Junction run me a few kits without the cupola end windows and I took upon myself to mix the sides up a bit and create that variety in the fleet.
You can see how things are shaping up in the photo of the 12 body cores.
As I make progress on this large project I'll post photos and talk about what I've done.

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Anonymous said...


Just a couple days ago, I was wondering when you were going to start the caboose blitz. I will definitely enjoy the progress reports on them.

gary roe