Thursday, October 5, 2017

It must be October

Cause I'm in pre-RPM frenzy again.
The Chicagoland RPM is mere weeks away and yet again, here I am not quite ready.
On the bench are the 3 pilot models for the ACF built boxcars.
By end of day they should be ready for the etched running boards, but they are still somewhere between here and Germany. However I do expect to have the running boards in hand by weeks end.
Which means paint this weekend and decals this coming week.
And while things are drying it'll be writing instruction packing kits, etc.
In a remarkable change of habit, this year, I'm not waiting on castings.
A box of boxes, each white box contains a little bit of modeling joy.
Well the clock is ticking and thee things don't build themselves.
See you in Lisle!

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