Monday, August 29, 2022

It's official!

 Yarmouth Model Works has acquired the masters, artwork, and manufacturing rights for the Rail Yard Models X79 boxcar and the G47 gondola.

Work has already begun on recreating the decals and etchings, and new molds have been started
Exact release date is unknown at this time. But we're hoping within a few months
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Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that! What about the G41 coilcar Gene had?

Frank H Lovejoy said...

Can't wait for form the Kellogg car. I would lik e two of them please.

Frank Lovejoy
Michigan Railroad Models
1304 Cavanaugh ST SE
Kentwood Mi
616 552 3024

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Any chance of the Rail Yard G41/G41a coil cars resurfacing?

Jimmer said...

Really good news. I've watched for one of the Kellogg cars for years now.


Anonymous said...

And the 122f coil car kits!

Unknown said...

Hi, Pierre!


I did buy 2 X79's at the Springfield Show but haven't assembled them

And I always wanted but never bought the "Gons" and soon I can--and I
won't blow it this time.

Can't wait!

Mike Boland

Anonymous said...

How long before we can order those x79’s!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this I would like to speak more about the product line.

Ed Lewis

Unknown said...

Our prayers have been answered!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the G47 gondolas and hope the 122F coil car will be produced.

Jason Trew said...

I think I'll get some of these and patch them out for the Trewsville Southern, can't wait to do some patching out :D

Colin 't Hart said...

I don't need any more cars, but resisting a PC G47 is going to be impossible.